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Mineração Vale Verde and AtlanticNickel has supported municipalities in northeastern Brazil. Focus is on the cities with less than 50 thousand inhabitants, in the south of Bahia and in the wild of Alagoas. Where the mining company’s controlling group, Appian, maintains operations, copper and nickel. Mobilization aims to contribute to local authorities in tackling the coronavirus.

In the next 30 days, Appian should receive a batch with 6,000 rapid tests and 25,000 surgical masks. In addition to 12 thousand N95 masks that will be donated to these communities. The Group is speeding up cargo shipment in China. Landing in Brazil is scheduled for mid-June.

Two Bahian municipalities, Itagibá and Ipiaú – this one listed among the six cities with the most cases of contamination in Bahia – will receive part of these donations. The rest will be sent to contribute to the actions that are being carried out in the cities of Craíbas and Arapiraca, in Alagoas.

Proactive stance in a challenging setting

“We are in a challenging scenario that requires a proactive stance. Of all the business community in support of public authorities. We are doing our part with the communities. In a joint effort with the city halls in defense of life ”. The commitment is from Paulo Castellari, CEO of the Appian Group. Mineração Vale Verde is located in the municipality of Craíbas, in Alagoas. And AtlanticNickel, a company producing nickel sulfide, in the municipality of Itagibá, 158 kilometers from Ilhéus in Bahia.

Appian’s actions involve providing health and hygiene materials. And contributions to purchase equipment to support care for coronavirus patients. More than 22 thousand people have already benefited directly in Agreste Alagoano and more than 15 thousand in southern Bahia. All donations are defined in agreement with local city halls after joint planning.

Screening center for patients and street disinfection

In Bahia, the process for transferring R $ 220 thousand to the new Ipiaú Emergency Care Unit (UPA) is in its final phase. The health post has functioned as a screening center for symptomatic patients from COVID-19 and is equipped with artificial respirators, vacuum cleaners, monitors, beds, two of which are semi-intensive.

To contribute to preventive measures, Appian has maintained the work of a group of seamstresses also in southern Bahia. 3,000 homemade masks, made with old AtlanticNickel uniforms – in good condition and sanitized – were donated to local communities in that region.

The company has also provided weekly water trucks to disinfect streets and avenues in the communities of Itagibá, Ipiaú, Ubatã, Barra da Rocha and Gongogi, in addition to making a batch of 230 flu vaccines available (Influenza / H1N1 H3N2) to city governments. Itagibá and Ipiaú.

Appian also provided an infrastructure for hosting exclusively health professionals from Ipiaú and Itagibá mobilized in the fight against Covid-19. The place has 17 apartments, with minibar, TV, air conditioning, private parking and work desks.

In Agreste Alagoano, the Appian Group has already allocated more than 40 tons of items including liquid soap, detergent, bleach, chlorine, paper towels, disinfectant, soap and 70% alcohol, in addition to disposable aprons, digital thermometers, surgical masks and gloves.

Another measure that has contributed to relieve the pressure of health screenings in these locations was the availability of an online platform through which the population can reach a health professional – doctor, nurse or nursing technician – to answer questions about COVID-19 or obtain guidelines whether or not to seek a public health service or hospital. The service, called EU HEALTH, is activated via an APP and operates 24 hours a day.


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